Our Pricing Policy

Many times we receive calls from clients and their first question is; "What's your price per square foot?"  Square foot pricing is just that, an average cost per square foot.  Although we can give you a price per square foot based on what we're building at the time, it may or may not reflect the accurate cost or the level of quality of your particular project.  In order to accurately provide you with a square foot cost or estimate of your project we will need much more information.  We've built homes anywhere from $150.00 to $325.00 per square foot.....and we have to determine where you want to be or where your design and level of quality may put you!?  For Example a bedroom which is made up of mostly open air space may cost $125.00 per square foot, a kitchen or bathroom containing cabinets, counter-tops, and fixtures may cost $300.00 and up per square foot.  Kitchens and baths by nature are the most expensive rooms per square foot in a home.  Add more expensive custom cabinets, counter-tops, fixtures, and appliances and the square foot cost of these rooms will increase dramatically as will the average square foot cost of the entire home, even though that bedroom may still cost just $125.00 a square foot.  Thus the fallacy of square foot pricing which can be very misleading.

This is why we offer an initial consultation at no charge, so that we may take the opportunity to review your plans and specifications in more detail, to determine what level of quality will meet your expectations, to get to know how you live or how you want to live in your new home.  Based on this information, we well have a more realistic idea of your lifestyle in order to develop a more accurate estimate, with the resulting square foot cost based on facts not on a arbitrary average.

If you decide to continue with Hancock Homes, we start with a Professional Services Contract.  This contract covers all the preconstruction services: site evaluation, design, engineering services, state and local permitting. Once the preconstruction process is complete, a Construction Proposal & Contract shall be issued based on the final plans and specifications.

All our proposals and contracts meet or exceed Maine law, 18.3 10M.R.S.A.c 219-A, requires that any construction contract with a total value of $3,000.00 or more in materials and/or labor must be in writing and must be signed by both the contractor and project owner.  Both parties shall receive a copy of the executed contract prior to any work performance.  This basic contract must contain the entire agreement between the parties.  Maine Law also requires that we provide a copy of the "home Construction & Repair:  Maine Attorney General Home Construction Warning" with all contracts.

"A good decision is based on knowledge and not on numbers."        Plato