"We have done business with Hancock Homes for three decades and have known the Bowers family even longer.

Hancock Homes restored our seasonal home in Sorrento and maintains it beautifully. When we planned our permanent home in Blue Hill, we asked Hancock Homes to partner with us from design to execution.  We did not require an architect because of the expertise and capability of Hancock Homes.

After nearly 10 years in our Blue Hill home we are happier than ever that we chose Hancock Homes as our contractor and partner. They do what they say they will and exceed expectations every time. Integrity is the keystone of their business!"

Rich & Susie Gurin-Blue Hill, Maine

"Hancock Homes is in a class by itself.  They recently finished a multi-year restoration of our 1890 era house in Sorrento. They did so to perfection.  

The organization, craftsmanship, design creativity, attention to detail, financial management, and timely execution could not have been of higher quality.  Of special note is that all of their people are outstanding individuals.

We could not recommend Hancock Homes more enthusiastically to anyone interested in building, or taking good care of, a house in Maine."

Colonial Restoration-Sorrento, Maine

"Hancock Homes is an outstanding organization and clearly would be our builder of choice for any project where they do business.  The honesty of estimates, the attention to detail and the signature quality of the final product all combine to position Hancock Homes as virtually unique in an industry where disappointments are too common.

Building a home is said to involve 100,000 decisions, and the real value of a builder is found in how well they help their clients through the entire process.  This is where, in our opinion, Hancock Homes once again performs without equal. If we build another home, Hancock Homes would certainly be our first choice to build it, and if, for some reason, Hancock Homes were not available to take on the job at that time....we would wait until they were!"  

The Lindegrens, Sullivan Harbor, Maine

"Hancock Homes provides outstanding contracting and construction management services.  They worked with our architect, a long distance arrangement, and with us, providing good information and advice throughout a long and difficult house rehabilitation and restoration project.  Dean Bowers and his crew were supportive, informative and helpful throughout.  The site was always left in a neat and clean condition, materials cared for, and any follow up done with dispatch.  Now completed, they have the continuing responsibility to manage and maintain the house in the same excellent condition.  I cannot praise the work of the Bowers Brothers and Hancock Homes highly enough.  They care for my home and for me.  That's more than sufficient."

Complete Remodel-Sorrento, Maine

"Hancock Homes turned our dreams into reality with a beautiful home that meets our needs in every way.  With their knowledge, skill, experience and integrity, they guided us through the thousands of decisions required to build a new home and made it fun at the same time. Their customer-oriented approach and emphasis on communication made it possible for us to build our home while living over 300 miles away.  When a change was required now and then, we were informed and presented with alternatives that made the process go very smoothly.  Hancock Homes also planned and implemented an outstanding landscape design to complement our beautiful home.
In summary, we could not have dreamed of a better group of people to work with than the wonderful folks at Hancock Homes."

Custom Home Project-Corea, Maine

"Both Brian and I think the project looks amazing, especially now that it is complete. It's pretty impressive to look at in the pictures.  We are very glad we decided to go with you.  We have been impressed from the planning phase, to construction and completion.  You and your crew are a class act.  We will definitely recommend you to folks in the future."

Shore Stabilization Project-Trenton, Maine

"Our experience with Hancock Homes was exemplary.  Every step was hallmarked by professionalism; from site evaluation and planning, structure advice, to planning and execution.  All components of the structure were carefully chosen and installed consistent with a great deal of pride in craft.  The site footprint was carefully managed and flawless at time of delivery.  We are extremely pleased with the end result."

Custom Cottage-Hancock, Maine

"Hancock Homes served as our architect and contractor on our Coastal Maine Home Project. They were as dedicated to our project on the first day as they were to the last punch list item. 
The Hancock Homes crew's dedication and skill show in the fine craftsmanship of exterior and interior details. They took pride in their work and always welcomed us on site. When a concern occurred, it was handled quickly and professionally.
I can attest that many of the architectural features that make this house a stand-out are due to Dean Bowers' vision and his experience with the latest construction materials. I'm looking forward to working with Hancock Homes on our landscaping and outbuildings and will be proud to have Dean show our home to potential clients."

Custom Cottage-Lamoine Maine